The factory began life in 1970. At beginning the founder, Mr. Dalla Pozza Tiziano move him own company through different field concerning the metalworking process. Finally the company find the must important business into the agricultural machines becoming supplier of the most important companies in the north east side of Italy.

During the end of the 1995 SILESFOR DP decide to go directly into the market with a full complete line of products dedicated to the storage palnts. In this new process, the founder of the company leave the management to him sons. From that moment on, the destinies of the company and its new leaders, became inextricably entwined in an upward spiral of growth.

The real turning point, however, was in 2000 when SILESFOR DP, after channelling a great deal of energy into study and research, displayed a new line of moving machines (bucket elevators, chain conveyor, screw conveyor, belt conveyor), cleaning machines and a wide range of silos.

SILESFOR DP is divided in three different unit and in total we have 3.600 m2 used for production and other 1.500 m2 outdoor surface used for load of goods.

80 %

80% of components used in our plants are produced inside our factory.

Today we are able to supply turn key plants, for all dimensions required, including all the modern technologies available.

SILESFOR DP products are nowadays present and distributed in many different countries.