The sieve cleaner allows to separate fine, medium and large impurities present in the product or calibrate with a double-pass system.


The product enters by way of gravity into a balance distributor with counterweights and is uniformly spread over the entire width. Subsequently it descends as an even curtain and encounters a cross air flow which removes the lighter parts (decanted by a cyclone or filter), and deposits part of the dust and heavier impurities in the decantation hopper, equipped with a reject discharge auger. The product, now clean from dust, enters the first case with two levels of perforated sieves. These separate the product according to the perforation size. The product proceeds to the second case with two levels of perforated sieves. Again the product is separated according to the perforations. As it exits, the desired product is evenly spread over the entire width of the plane, and as it descends in a thin curtain it again encounters a cross air flow. This removes any remaining dust and impurities still present within the product. The cleaning and calibration system allows the separation of 7 types of waste and by-products.