SILESFOR silos’ are the result of a constant and hard work of committment in the production and realization of implantation for cereals storaging. Using the most updated production technologies, choosing the highest quality material and the projecting and producting flexibility, make SILESFOR’s silos a qualitative and competitive products able to satisfy the need of many storaging farms.

Projects respect the american standards AISC and ASBC and referr to the law UNI EN 1991, UNI EN 1993. Anyway as direct producer SILESFOR is able to produce also non-standard models realized with different kind of steels (different from the mentioned one). Silos are made of a standard press-bended upright frame and of a bunch of corrugated shhets both in a galvanized steel material called S350GD+Z450-EN 10147. Galvanized bolt are the main junctions of the elements, the structure is impermeable because it is made of a thermoplastic sealing and special PVC washers which accompain the bolts and nuts. The roof is covered by a layer of structural galvanized steel S350GD+Z450 composed by trapezium nervated elements with a 30° inclination.